Refund Policy

Fair & Transparent Refund Policy

We understand that sometimes you may not be sure of completing the courses as it requires a strong commitment to persevere and continue preparation . Sometimes, you may join a course that may not be suitable for you. At Robin Future Academy, we are committed to ensuring that you have a good experience while pursuing your training with us.

Terms & Conditions

1.) The refund process is completely centralised and automated without any human discretion to have a fair and uniform policy which is both student friendly as well as Open and transparent.

2.) No Refunds will be allowed for Event Registration, Open Tests and Services less than Rs 1000, on grounds that the candidate could not avail of it due to personal reasons.

3.) No claims for refunds will be entertained at the offline centers. Refunds request can be sent via email to . The Frontdesk Team has no role in the issue of refunds.

4.) Refunds will be approved and granted between 15-18 days of the demand for refund. Refund payments will be made ONLY in accounts from which original payments were made. This is to avoid cases of parents paying the fees and children seeking refunds behind their backs. Refund Payments will be made by Cheque / NEFT / RTGS only.

5.) No refunds will be entertained beyond the Refund Period and Grace Period.

6.) Sharing of courses in online platform is not allowed and will lead to immediate termination of all Robin Future Academy courses without any refund.

7.) In case of any grievance, students can write to

8.) All disputes will be subject to jurisdiction of Courts in Uttar Pradesh.